ZeroPark Autobidder PRO

Want to Scale Traffic with ZeroPark? You Need to Scale Your AutoBidder, TooReady to Play Ball in the Big League??

ZeroPark AutoBidder Hands You the Traffic on the Silver Platter!  

If you own ZeroPark AutoBidder you already know, how easy it is to stay on top of bids and get the most traffic for the least amount of money.

AutoBidder does that by simply bidding one tick higher than the highest bidding competitor. As soon as AutoBidder detects a change in the competitor's bid, AutoBidder  adapts its bid.

AutoBidder relentlessly keeps your bids in good shape, brings you more traffic and saves you a lot of money by bidding at the exact bidding level that is needed to get the click. 
30 Day Money Back GuaranteeTry the product for 30 days, and if it does not perform 100% as advertised, just send me an email and Ill send you a refund. You have absolutely nothing to lose and all the risk is on me!
OK guys. Decision time! If you feel, you are ever going to use  traffic from ZeroPark a bit more extensively than just "trying and tire cicking" then ZP AutoBidder PRO IS FOR YOU!

Don't hesitate then and grab it while this launch discount lasts and while there are even licenses to be sold. Click "Buy Now" below right now.
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Yes! I want to get this awesome product right now. I understand that I will get:
  • the PC (Windows) software "ZeroPark AutoBidder PRO"
  • A life long license to run it
  • Free updates for a year, thereafter $99.50 annually for unlimited updates.
  • Over the shoulder video instructions on how to best use this incredibly powerful tool.
This is the regular PRO version currently heavily discounted through a Dime Sale. Regular Price: $495.
I personally think, you will be very pleased at how ZeroPark AutoBidder PRO will work for you. You will gain such a leverage compared to all the other competitors using ZeroPark traffic.

Thanks for your trust and business,

P.S. If you use ZeroPark as a traffic source and if you invest into only one (more) thing this year, let it be ZP AutoBidder. It will make such a difference for you.

P.P.S.  If you have not used ZeroPark yet, THIS is your perfect entry point. Because you not only get access to the world class AutoBidder, but also get a full introduction on how to make money with ZeroPark best.
Urs the SwissAutoBidder PRO Crushes Your Competitors, All at the Same Time!
AutoBidder and AutoBidder PRO - Consider This:

  • Speed: autobid on all campaigns simultaneously in a fraction of the time.
  • set "maximum bids" for each campaign individually. You are in full control
  • set "desired bid position" for each campaign. Gracefully outmanoeuvre  your competitors
  • Change the bidding interval. Forcefully slam your competitors into submission!

ZeroPark AutoBidder PRO Cleverly Outsmarts Your Competitors and Handles Volume!

ZP AutoBidder PRO handles all campaigns on the page at the same time and takes as long as AutoBidder takes to handle just one campaign. Now you can handle volume!

ZP AutoBidder PRO lets you set the maximum bids for each campaign individually. Not all campaigns are worth the same. So why bid the same? 

Set the preferred bidding position for each campaign individually. "Last cookie wins" means that the last affiliate to send a visitor makes the commission. Depending on the campaign, it may pay to be 2nd bidder or 3rd! Not many of your competitors work with this strategy. Outsmart them!

ZP AutoBidder PRO is a powerhouse! Because it is so fast, you can reduce the bidding interval to anything you want: from an hour to - say - 15 minutes. Imagine how frustrating it is for your competitors to keep pace with you now!

ZP AutoBidder PRO is clever! If a bid for position #1 is too high, it automatically falls back to the optimal bid for position #2. And if that is still higher than your bid limit, it finds the bid just one tick above position #3, etc. That gets you always the cheapest bids for the best bidding position that is in reach considering your maximal bid limit.
There is really not much more we can say about ZeroPark AutoBidder PRO. It is a PRO tool for PROs which will have quite an impact on bidding behaviors. Those that use it will see a significant increase in traffic whilst enjoying lower cost for traffic.

That in turn will increase your competitiveness and allow you to run a profit where others have to drop the campaign.
So What Will ZP AutoBidder PRO Cost?
Well, we first did not even want to sell the PRO version at all. It is so powerful that we thought, we'd lose our edge for our own campaigns. After a while, we found that there are so many niches,products and keywords that campaigns can be built around, that our campaigns will not be negatively affected. But, we decided to only make a limited number of licenses available to you. We have not set a fixed number, instead, we observe the market and will pull the trigger, when we find that selling more licenses would hinder your or our own efforts in the market place.

So, first come - first served. Grab a license, as long as they are available.

I know this will be such a runner that we want to issue licenses only to those of you who really are pros and take traffic on ZeroPark seriously. That is why we initially set the price for this PRO version to $ 495. Frankly, that is well worth it, and if you spend money on traffic, you know how fast you make your investment back by bidding smart and efficiently.

However, it is the launch of this software to the public and the first adopters should see a benefit by jumping in early.

So this is the deal: Buy now and for a probably very short time get your hands on ZeroPark AutoBidder PRO at a massive discount.

Pricing is on a Dime Sale. So hurry!
Oh, There Is One More Deal, I Can Offer You:
Since this is a launch, we would like to get some publicity. If you do us a favor, we do you a favor!

  • Write up an honest review of at least 250 words and publish it with your picture either on facebook or on your blog and a dofollow link to, and we give you an additional discount of initially  $100. A video review of at least 1 minute posted on facebook, youtube or your blog together with the dofollow link is fine, too.
  • If you are an affiliate and would like to promote ZP AutoBidder to your list, let us know, we can work something out.

Instant access - post within 2 weeks!

Yes! I want to get this awesome product right now. I understand that I will get:
  • the PC (Windows) software "ZeroPark AutoBidder PRO"
  • A life long license to run it
  • Free updates for a year, thereafter $99.50 annually for unlimited updates.
  • Over the sholder video instructions on how to best use this incredibly powerful tool.
  • Temporary heavy launch discount through dime sale.
  • Additional discount of (initially) $100, if I write and post an article or record and post a video review about ZP AutoBidder or ZP AutoBidder PRO.
    I will post my write-up or video within 2 weeks of my purchase and inform you where that post is located. If I fail to post a valid contribution within 14 days, my license will be revoked without warning and can only be reactivated by paying the $100 then owed.
This is the special "Reviews" PRO version, currently heavily discounted through a dime sale. Regular Price: 495.
ZP AutoBidder PRO
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